We have been sharing fun food concepts since 1985!

While Straits Union pioneered the concept of popcorn and one-stop fun food solutions in the Singapore market over 32 years ago, the evolution of the industry also saw Straits Union continue to stay ahead with extended one-stop solutions, from proactive customer service, to door-to-door deliveries, installations, maintenance, training, 24-hour after-sales technical service, customized fun food retail shop designs, as well as inventory forecasting of ingredients and parts that our clients require throughout the year.

One-Stop Fun Food Solutions

Straits Union provides one-stop fun food solutions, from equipment to ingredients, 24-hour technical services, consultancy training, maintenance and inventory forecasting.  


Browse our range of fun food equipment including popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, nacho chips and cheese warmers, and more.



Browse our wide variety of fun food ingredients from the US and South Africa including popcorn, candy floss, waffles and nachos ingredients

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Shop our retail brand of ready-to-eat fun food like popcorn and nachos. Get our latest product - Pop's Popcorn DIY Kit here!

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