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NACHOS TO GO (South Australia)

Nachos to Go is a delicious ready-to-eat nachos, made with Australian cheese (42%) and tomatoes (66%).

Either eating as it is, or microwaved for 40 seconds, this instant gluten-free snack delivers punches of flavours through its generous serve of crisp corn chips, topped with a cheese sauce and salsa.

Made in the heart of South Australia, Nachos to Go is preservative free with no artificial colours or flavouring.

Within each pack of Nachos to Go, you will find a 75g serve of crisp corn chips, 75g serve of cheese sauce, 80g serve of salsa, small sachet of chili flakes and a napkin!

To eat warm, simply microwave the whole pack for 40 seconds. Remove all items, empty the crisp corn chips into the box, and topped with cheese, salsa and chili flakes.
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